Luz Preciado the native Jalisco artist is the owner of this beautiful B&B and with her partner Thomas Mutschlechner has created an artistic getaway filled with her orignal works. She started her career as an artist in the city of Guadalajara where she studied art and since then has used various techniques and topics in her art.

After the move to Ajijic, Lake Chapala has brought out the best in her and the stunning landscape and peacefulness of this region inspire her to put her  feelings on canvas. Her art varies from acrylic countrysides in expressionist style, to charcoal and acrylic mix portraits of the local Huichol Indians in realism to using enamel in her latest works in “Sin Taboos”-a pop art series of erotic art.

But Luz not only paints, she also writes poetry which very often accompanies her painted work:

Lago de Chapala

The night arrives and the sun bowes before the moon.

 Around the lake one can breathe peace.

In the sky, magic colours that the sun´s passing leaves

and the ebbing moon is inspiration

for the hearts of attending lovers,

who dream of being able to stop time

in this magic instant.

But Luz is by far not done, her new home in San Antonio creates the right ambience and inspiring atmosphere, so we will just have to wait and see which new side of her will be shown on canvas or/and paper next.


 Sin Tabúes







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