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Dear reader!

To be honest I was not a too big of a fan of birds, or let’s put it this way, I never really paid attention to them. But believe it or not, I start getting interested in those amazing creatures.

The reason why, is the fact that this year we have three birds nests in our backyard and very different they are indeed.

  1. Right under the roof on a corner facing the garden is the fantastic arcitecture of a swallows nest. Made out of mud and obviously made quite sticky and solid! Every now and then you can see the little baby swallows sticking out their heads in expectance of some food. The nest is almost impenetrable as it is in a location high above the ground and there is no access from the roof either.
  1. A sparrow couple has found a very unique spot for their nest: on top of the first row of bananas on a banana bunch.  The heavy weight of the bananas has caused the tree to lean over and I had to support the trunk from falling. That though made it easy for us to observe the nest with the help of only a small ladder. Three little baby birds can be found in this nest made of dried grass, cotton, hair, and a lot more stuff.
  1. Our pride is a woodpecker pair that had chosen the dead trunk of one of the big trees in our garden. This is the third season we can observe a woodpecker to use this particular tree for building their home. Their nest of course is chisseled into the trunk and it amazes us on how they do it without getting an enormous head-ache. They for sure are the bussiest parents of them all, as one can see them the whole day bringing food to their newborn lot.

Well bird-lovers, keep you eyes open here at lakeside: to my knowledge there is about a 230 species to be seen in our area.

For sure you will see me with eyes open for birds and all that is conected with nature.




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